Excellence in Service is Standard

Texas Air Handlers, Inc. is a manufacturer’s representative agency.  The purpose of the company is to promote the sale of fans, dampers, and related products in our territory of North Texas.  We strive to offer the products you need in almost any industrial air or gas moving application.  Our moving products cover a range of applications from fractional horsepower blowers to 1000+ horsepower fans.

In addition to our broad range of standard equipment we are able to offer special coating, special materials/metals, specific duty motors, and custom designed equipment to meet your needs.

Texas Air Handlers, Inc. is unique because of the technical expertise we provide in applying the equipment we sell.  We have broad experience in working with these applications, so we know how to help you.  We are ready and able to provide technical knowledge and engineering assistance in our equipment selection.

Since 1981 we have worked hand-in-hand with original equipment manufacturers, engineering design firms, industrial users, and contractors.  Our customers have purchased thousands of fans for their applications.